Sleepy Minotaur

Art by Meg James

My minotaur character, Hriyn, taking a nap. He's a teenager in this picture thus isn't as bulky as he is normally. He's still pretty tall though since minotaurs in my world grow to tall sizes fairly rapidly.


Non-binary • Pansexual • Polyamorous • Progressive • Hippie

I’m an out and loud queer non-binary naked hippie! I mainly talk about my opinions on a variety of topics, my fandom interests, nudism, my writing and characters, and sometimes sexuality. I'm very open about all of my interests and I like to yap about 'em (much to everyone else's dismay).

I'm also a vocal progressive! That means I commonly post about topics related to social justice and economic inequality. I believe that we need to work to elevate discriminated minorities so that everyone can achieve equal rights. Plus, I don't think someone's life should be tied to how much wealth they've accumulated.

You'll also find a lot of nudity on my site and my socials. Core to my beliefs is that nudity shouldn't be considered shameful or sexual! I think nudity promotes a healthier connection to nature, each other, and oneself. So you'll find that myself and my characters are fairly clothes aversed.